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Resin - Heavy Resin Watch Strap with Notched Fitting (19mm)

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Resin - Heavy Resin Watch Strap with Notched Fitting (19mm)

Replacement black,heavy resin watch strap suitable for use with the Swatch Irony Chrono or Swatch Jelly in Jelly watches such as Swatch 'Wildly' (Model YCS4024), the Irony Chrono Models YC0002 and YC002 and the Jelly in Jelly 'Propre' (Model SUJB701), Swatch 'Black Injection' (Model SUMM100), and other Swatch watches with a 19mm fitting.

Embossed pattern on black plastic with stainless steel buckle.

Strap Fitting Size: X= 19mm, Y=22mm

Measuring your Swatch strap

*Swatch watches have a notched strap fitting, which
means that there are two measurements across the end
of the watch strap.The measurement
X across the notches (19mm)
and the measurement
Y across the shoulders (22mm)
of the strap as shown here.
Strap Length: Approximate minimum and maximum wrist circumferences for this watch strap (allowing 4cm for watch case) = 15.5cm - 20.5cm


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(Stock Code: WSCU-SWHR22BK)