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PX625 Wein Cell Mercury Replacement Battery for Pentax Spotmatic F and many other cameras

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PX625 Wein Cell Mercury Replacement Battery for Pentax Spotmatic F and many other cameras

Wein Cell mercury replacement battery PX625, also known as MRB625, PX-625, PX13 and MR9.

The original 1.35V mercury batteries are no longer produced and silver oxide or alkaline batteries provide too high a voltage and do not have the same discharge curve as the original mercury batteries. The Wein Cell mercury replacement battery produces a steady 1.35V and can be used to replace the original battery in many cameras including the following:

  • Agfa: Optima Sensor
  • Alpa: 9d, 10d
  • Ansco: Autoset CdS
  • Balda: Compact C126, CL126, 944X, 1000EL
  • Beaulieu: MCR8G, 9.5G, Elec.R16, RC16G
  • Bronica: S2, S2A
  • Canon: A35F, A35 Datelux, Canonet 28, EF2, F-1, F1n, FTb, FTQL, FX, G111,
  • Pellix, TLb, TX
  • Edixa: CdS, LTL, TTL
  • Exakta: TL500, RTL1000
  • Fujica: Compact-FS, V2
  • Gossen: Luna-Pro, Lunasix/2/3, Sixtar/2, Sixtomat/2/Electronic, Sinarix
  • Hasselblad: Prisma
  • Kiev: 60TTL. Kodak Retina IF, IFF
  • Konica: Autoreflex TC, T4, TC2, FM, EE
  • Kowa: SE, SER, SET, Six, Super 66
  • Leica: CL, Flex-SL, Flex-SL2 MOT, M4-2, M5, Meter MR
  • Mamiya: 135
  • Minolta: Hi-matic, ST, SRT100/101/303, 16, Colormeter, Flashmeter
  • Miranda: Sensorex A/B/C
  • Nikon: Nikkormat F/FT/FTN, Photomic F/FTN/T, Photomic Illuminator DL1
  • Olympus: 35, FTL, OM1, OM1N, Pen D2
  • Pentacon: Six TL, Super. Pentax SV, SPF
  • Pentax Spotmatic F
  • Petri: Flex 7, FT, V611, TTL
  • Praktica: LTL, LTL3, MTL3/5/50, Super TL
  • Rollei: 35, 35 Classic, SL35/M, XF35
  • Sekonic: L136/164/216/218/228/248
  • Sigma: Flex-1
  • Topcon: RE Super, RE2 Uni, Unirex - etc.
  • Voigtlander: Bessamatic CS, Ultramatic CS, Vitessa 500S, 1000SR, Vito CST, VSL1
  • Yashica Mat 125G
  • Zeiss-Ikon: Contarex S Electronic, Contarex Super, Icarex 35
  • Zenit: 19, AM, AM2, TTL


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(Stock Code: BP-PX625)