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PX74 - Varta 15V Alkaline Battery (BLR154, MN154, V74PX)

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PX74 - Varta 15V Alkaline Battery (BLR154, MN154, V74PX)

The Varta PX74 (NEDA 220, Excell 220 and Mallory M154) is a 15 volt specialist alkaline battery used in multimeters, photographic applications, Morini competition target shooting airpistols (Morini 162) and the Bang & Olufsen ultrasonic remote control commanders as listed below:

  • AVO 71 Meter
  • AVO 73 Meter
  • Later AVO 8 meters (early models used the BLR121)
  • Lafayette multimeter 99-50841
  • Micronta Volt/ohm Multitester
  • Olsen TE-197P Multimeter
  • Patronic Volt/Ohm meter
  • Simpson Midgetester 355 multimeter
  • Triplett Mulitmeter 310
  • Gossen Sixtron exposure meter
  • Minox AG-1 flashgun
  • Nikon BC-7 flash
  • Polaroid 202 flash guns
  • Ricohmatic 126
  • Rollei 16S flashes
  • Feinwerkbau 90 ( FWB 90) air pistol
  • Morini CM84E CM84EL free pistol
  • Morini 162E 162EI
  • Eberline SK-1 geiger counter amplifiers BA332/U
  • Fox Micron P Alarm
  • Beosystem 6000 remote control
  • Beomaster 6000 4channel
  • Beosystem 2400 remote control
  • Beomaster 2400
  • Beomaster 2400-2
  • Beovision 6000
  • Beovision 3802
  • Beovision 4402
  • Beovision 6002
  • Ronson Lighters

Diameter 14 mm
Height: 35 mm
Weight: 14 g
Voltage: 15V

The PX74 battery is produced by a number of different manufacturers and as a result is known by a large number of alternative codes, such as:
ANSI 220, Bang & Olufsen 2500, Burgess Y10 or Y-10, Duracell M504, M-504, M154 or MN154, Eberline BA 332/U, Eveready 504, E504, EV504, ER-504 or B154, Energizer E504, Exell A220, Exide DH554, Fuji W10, FDK W10, GPB GP220A, 220A or A220, IEC 10F15
Interstate Batteries ADRY1720 or DRY1720, Kodak KA74, Maxell BL-MV10
Mallory M504 or M505, NEDA 220 or A/220, New Max BLR154 or BL-W10
National Novel W10, Newark 03F7085, Panasonic W10E or W10, Petrix NR74 or 74, Polaroid 202 or 202, Rayovac 220 or BLR154, Unicell UG-W10, Varta V74PX, 74 or V149U, Vinnic 10LR54, BLR154, BA 332/U, BA332u, B154, TR149, Toshiba Photo Flash W10, 23-509, 960-0355, BLR-154


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