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Watch Strap Width Measurement

When selecting a suitable replacement watch strap for your watch, you will need to know what size watch strap you require. There are two critical measurements when choosing and fitting a replacement watch strap: The first is the width of the watch head at the lugs and the second is the overall length of the watch strap once fitted. Here we will look at the first of these - the width of the watch strap.

Measuring the Correct Width of Your Watch Strap

This measurement is taken between the shoulders of your watch as shown below. In most cases this will be an even number of millimeters ranging between 6mm and 30mm. This measurement allows you to select the correct width of watch strap.

The dimension you need
to take from your watch
is the distance between
the shoulders of the watch
into which the spring bar fits.

a) 6mm - 16mm width watch straps are generally used on smaller watches and these can be found in the Ladies Leather Watch Strap section or in our Sports Watch Strap Section.

b) 18mm - 22mm width straps are a used on some larger style ladies watches and standard sized gents' watches. Straps to fit this width range can be found in the Gents Leather Watch Straps as well as amongst the Ladies Leather Watch Straps, Sports Watch Straps and Military Watch Straps sections.

c) 24mm-30mm width watch straps are used on the larger gents watches as well as fashion watches. Straps for these larger watches can be found in our Extra Wide Watch Strap section.