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We stock a selection of watch straps which, like everything else at this site, will be cheaper here than in the High Street.

All watch straps are priced post free. No minimum order.
Leather watch straps supplied with Nickel free Buckles and Spring Bars. All our Leather watch straps are really top quality and similar watch straps would normally retail in excess of 10 in High Street jewellers. We have seen high street retailers selling very similar Velcro watch straps for 6.00 and the Oiled leather watch straps for 11.99! The pictures here really don't do these watch straps justice.
If, before you fit any of our watch straps, you are not happy with the quality then return it to us for a full refund. No questions. We haven't had one watch strap returned to us in over two years of stocking these.

The dimension you need
to take from your watch
is the distance between
the shoulders of the watch
into which the spring bar fits.

Spring Bars
As mentioned our leather straps come with spring bars included. If you want addtional spring bars for any of our watch straps or to replace others you may have please see the table below for pricing. Please note, that the Heavy Duty Nylon watch straps take a slightly thinner spring bar (1.5mm as oppose to 1.8mm for all others) therefore please mention this if you require spring bars for the nylon watch straps.
See the table below for order codes.

Watch Straps:-

Leather Padded Watch Straps

Denver Calf Leather Padded Strap

Material: Denver Calf Leather Padded. Buckle: Gilt (GT) or Chrome (CH).
Colours: Black (BK), Dark Brown (DB), Tan (TN), Navy Blue (NB)
Sizes (mm): 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 (Navy Blue only available in 12mm and 18mm sizes)
Order Code: DCLP- (e.g. DCLP-GT18DB = Gilt buckle, 18mm, Dark Brown - Shown above)
Also available Extra Long in Black or Dark Brown, sizes as above. Price:£5.50
Add XL to Order Code. (e.g. DCLP-CH18DBXL = Chrome buckle, 18mm, Dark Brown, Extra Long)

Oiled Leather Strap

Material: Top Quality Oiled Leather Buckle: Gilt (GT) or Chrome (CH).
Colours: Black (BK), Brown (BN) Sizes (mm): 18, 20, 22
Order Code: OL (e.g. OL-GT18BK = Gilt buckle, 18mm, Black - Shown above)

Heavy Duty Nylon Watch Strap

Heavy Duty Nylon Strap

Material: Heavy Duty Nylon. Buckle: Stainless Steel. Suitable for water sports.
Colours: Black (BK), Navy Blue (NB), Khaki (KH) Sizes (mm): 18 and 20
Order Code: HDN (e.g. HDN18KH = 18mm, Khaki - Shown above)

Velcro Watch Strap

Velcro Sport Strap

Velcro Sport Strap Colours

Material: Velcro / Nylon. Colours: As shown in order; Black (BK), Navy Blue (NB), Royal Blue (RB), Yellow (YW), Khaki (KH)
Sizes (mm): 20 and 14mm in some colours (See below)
Order Code: VS (e.g. VSYW = Velcro Sport Yellow - Shown above)
Available in 14mm in Black and Yellow only (codes VSBK14 / VSYW14 respectively)

Resin Watch Straps - Ideal for water sports

Black Resin Style 1

Material: Black Resin. Buckle: Stainless Steel (Black shown no longer available).
Colours: Black Only Sizes (mm): 18 and 20
Order Code: BR1 (e.g. BR1-20 = Black Resin (style 1) 20mm)

Black Resin Style 2

Material: Black Resin. Buckle: Stainless Steel (Black shown no longer available).
Colours: Black Only Sizes (mm): 20 and 22
Order Code: BR2 (e.g. BR2-20 = Black Resin (style 2) 20mm)

Black Resin Style 3

Material: Black Resin. Buckle: Stainless Steel.
Colours: Black Only Sizes (mm):14, 18 and 20
Order Code: BR3 (e.g. BR3-20 = Black Resin (style 3) 20mm)

Black Resin Style 4

Material: Black Resin. Buckle: Stainless Steel.
Colours: Black Only Sizes (mm): 20 and 22
Order Code: BR4 (e.g. BR4-22 = Black Resin (style 4) 22mm)

Black Resin Style 5

Material: Black Resin. Buckle:316L Stainless Steel security type.
This watch strap has a higher content of rubber which makes it more flexible than the more basic resin watch straps. Colours: Black Only Sizes (mm): 22
Order Code: BR522

Rubber Watch Straps - For quality Diving Watches and Dive Computers

Dive Computer Strap - Black Rubber

This watch strap is a different animal to the black resin watch straps above.
Made by ZRC (Zuccolo, Rochet & Cie)
A high quality rubber strap often used for dive computers, dive watches and compasses.
We can special order other styles in different sizes. Email us for details .
Material: Black Rubber. Buckle: Stainless Steel - Security type
Colours: Black Only Size: (mm) 20
Order Code: ZRCRB1

Swatch Watch Straps - For Swatch Watches

Swatch Watch Strap - Black Resin

Material: Black Resin. Buckle: Black Plastic
Colours: Black Only Size: Gents Swatch
Order Code: SWBR1 (e.g. SWBR1 = Swatch Black Resin style 1)

Swatch Watch Strap - Black Leather

Material: Black Leather. Buckle: Anodised Aluminium
Colours: Black Only Size: Gents Swatch
Order Code: SWBL1 (e.g. SWBL1 = Swatch Black Leather style 1)

Spring Bars
Order Code Description Price / Pair
SB0818 Straight Spring Bar 8mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB0918 Straight Spring Bar 9mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1018 Straight Spring Bar 10mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1118 Straight Spring Bar 11mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1218 Straight Spring Bar 12mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1318 Straight Spring Bar 13mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1418 Straight Spring Bar 14mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1518 Straight Spring Bar 15mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1618 Straight Spring Bar 16mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1718 Straight Spring Bar 17mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1818 Straight Spring Bar 18mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB2018 Straight Spring Bar 20mm x 1.8mm dia.
SB1815 Straight Spring Bar 18mm x 1.5mm dia.
SB2015 Straight Spring Bar 20mm x 1.5mm dia.

All Curved Spring bars are 1.00 per pair. Use SC prefix instead of the SB code above. E.G. SC1618 = 16mm x 1.8mm dia. curved srping bar
Ordering spring bars without a watch strap? Please add 50p P&P to the prices mentioned above if your order value is less than 2.50.

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