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Bracelet Link Removal Tool

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Bracelet Link Removal Tool

A handy bracelet link removal tool. A pocket sized tool for removing the bracelet pins on metal watch bands so you can easily shorten bracelets to fit.

Information on removing links from a metal watch bracelet can be found here.

Push out the pins on the link(s) that can be removed and once shortened the bracelet links can be re-attached in the same way. Overall length is 11.5cm and the tip of the shaft that enters the bracelet is 5mm long with a diameter of 1mm or less.

Replacement ends for the tool are also available.

Handy tip: If possible, always take a link off each side of the bracelet clasp so that it always remains in the centre of your wrist when worn.

Much cheaper than getting your local jeweler to do it!

Ths tool shown here has a plastic body (blue part) and metal pin. For a more robust option with metal body see the Anchor Bracelet Pin Removal Pliers for more frequent use.


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