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Stock Code:- SBCS-GWA1000FC

Screw Set for GW-A1000FC Casio Watch Strap Band.

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Screw Set for GW-A1000FC Casio Watch Strap Band.

A set of Casio replacement screws for GW-A1000 series watches including:

  • GW-A1000FC-1 (Watch Strap Part Number: 10450696)
  • GW-A1000FC-3 (Watch Strap Part Number: 10450696)
  • GW-A1000FC-5 (Watch Strap Part Number: 10450696)
  • GW-A1000FC-2 (Watch Strap Part Number: 10431127)
  • GW-A1000
  • GW-A1000A
  • GW-A1000D (Watch Strap Part Number: 10415082)
  • GW-A1000RAF (Watch Strap Part Number: 10415097)
  • GW-A1100 (Watch Strap Part Number for blue version: 10482076)
  • GW-A1100FC (Watch Strap Part Number: 10450696
  • GW-A1100R (Watch Strap Part Number: 10470476)

The pack contains four screws (10412715) to provide a complete screw set for each end of the strap.

Specifications: Allen key screw head, 8mm shaft, 5mm threaded end, 1mm diameter thread, overall length including screw head is 14mm.

The Allen key for these screws is not included, but if required please order the Allen key for GW-A100FC strap screws.


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(Stock Code: SBCS-GWA1000FC)