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Varta 2V/150H/2P Mempac Memory Back Up Battery (2/V100R)

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Varta 2V/150H/2P Mempac Memory Back Up Battery (2/V100R)

The Varta 2V/150H/2P Rechargeable Microbattery with polarised pins is used as a memory back up battery in many applications such as PCs, notebooks, VCR and car stereos and is also know by the following codes:

  • 2/100DKO-PC
  • 2/150DKO-PC
  • 2/V100R
  • 2/V150R
  • 55615602059
  • BLB158

Technical Specifications:

Comprising 2 x V150H microbatteries
Tagged with three polarised pins
Voltage: 2.4V
Capacity 150 mAh
Dimensions: 24 mm x 15 mm x 12mm height
Weight: 12 g


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