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LR44 - Button Cell 1.5V Battery - Card of 2 (GP A76)

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LR44 - Button Cell 1.5V Battery - Card of 2 (GP A76)

The LR44, A76 battery is a very popular and widely used 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery. Every home uses these batteries! You will find them in toys, calculators, pedometers, torches, clocks and a thousand other electronic devices.

We sell the GP A76 battery in strips of two and also cards of 10 batteries at very competitive prices.

Buy a strip of 10 GP A76 batteries for only 3.96!

This battery is equivalent to the Vinnic alkaline L1154 and the LR44 battery. The L battery number prefix often indicates an alkaline chemistry.

GPA76 Alkaline button cell 1.5V. Card of 2
Dimensions:- 11.6mm (dia) x 5.4mm (H)

  • Vinnic L1154
  • V13GA
  • AG13
  • GA13
  • AG76
  • GPA76
  • GP76A
  • 675HR
  • LR1154
  • LR44
  • 357A

Most popularly used in Children's noisy books, Pass the Bomb and other toys, Alarm Clocks, Calculators, LED torches,Temperature monitor LCD on Thermaltake XaserII PC case and many more.


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(Stock Code: BAGP-A76)