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Watch Batteries, Camera Batteries, Cordless Phone Batteries, Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, UNIROSS Battery Chargers, Digital Media and Watch Straps for sale and delivered post free in the UK

No Fancy graphics, just a simple web site. After all, you only want a watch battery for your watch, clock, camera, personal organiser, calculator or other electronic gizmo. Or perhaps a camera battery or cordless phone battery. In fact any battery you think is expensive in the high street you will be able to get a lot cheaper here, and post free in the UK too! We also sell battery chargers (intelligent and timed battery chargers), rechargeable batteries and memory media for digital devices
We can't believe the prices being charged in High Street shops for these different types of battery. We hold stocks of 50 different types of watch and other small batteries. So if you want a watch battery (button cell) for your watch, clock or car remote control key, try here first. It will be less expensive than in the High Street.

Ordering is simple. No registration forms to fill in. Minimum order value is only £2.50 and remember, no postage to pay in the UK. The price you see is the price you pay - VAT is included! Batteries have a shelf life of many years so you can make your order up to 2.50 with spare batteries. If you really prefer to pay by cheque then use the Printable Order Form listed and send it to us with a cheque. However, payment by credit card is very sercure as this is carried out via a secure site at WorldPay.
Your goods will be dispatched to you the same day.
Prices include VAT and delivery to a UK delivery address.

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