Watch Battery Cross Reference Table

The Watch Battery Cross Reference Table below gives all Watch Battery sizes and their equivalent watch battery reference numbers as used by various different watch battery manufacturers

The Watch Battery Cross Reference table can be sorted by watch battery size, either by selecting the watch battery diameter, or the watch battery thickness (or height). This will give you an idea of which watch battery to choose if you do not have a watch battery cross reference number to match the battery against.
Note, that the lithium watch batteries, or button cells, are 3 volts and not 1.5 volts and cannot be substituted for a 1.5 volt silver oxide watch battery or alkaline watch battery, even if the sizes are comparable.
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IEC Vinnic

* If you are replacing a National GR927 battery in a Casio calculator please note that your calculator handbook is likely to say that this is a lithium battery. The handbook is wrong! The replacement for the National GR927 is the 399 silver oxide battery and not the CR927 3V lithium battery. This mistake in the handbook appears across several different models of Casio solar calculators.

Note: CR/BR (Lithium) battery types are 3.0 Volts.

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