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Watch Strap Length

Selecting the Correct Length of Watch Strap

There are a number of variables to consider when working out the final length of a watch strap once it is fitted to your watch: With a one piece watch strap such as the Military Watch Straps the length of the strap does not change when fitted, however with two piece straps as shown below, the size of the watch head must be added to the length of the buckle and strap ends to calculate the total length of the strap.

Take the length of the watch strap from the details of the strap you want to buy, or from the table below, and add your watch length to it.

Take off 20mm to allow for the strap to be buckled on the 3rd to last hole and leave enough 'tail' to be secured by the strap loops, and this is the final maximum strap length and the circumference of the maximum wrist it will fit.

The minimum wrist size the strap fits is usually 30mm less than the maximum wrist size.

Watch Strap Lengths (excluding buckle)