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Replacing a Watch Strap on a Swatch watch

Swatch watches do not use spring bars and their notched Swatch watch straps are held in place with a straight metal pin. In most cases this pin can be carefully driven out from one side to free the Swatch watch strap so that it can be replaced (with one of our reasonably priced quality replacement Swatch type watch straps of course).

Be very careful if your Swatch watch is plastic and old. Sometimes the plastic becomes very brittle and while driving out the metal pin it is possible to snap the watch case.

1. Using a drift, which is smaller than the pin you are removing such as a small metal pin or paperclip or our Replacement Pin Bar for ZRC Bracelet Link Removal Tool, and supporting the other side of the watch, push the pin through to the other side where it can be grasped with a pair of pliers and pulled out.

We clearly don't recommend the use of large hammers from a lorry mechanic's tool kit to carry this out, but the pin may need some gentle persuasion. A gentle tap with a small pair of pliers on the drift may be enough to get the end protruding so that enough of the pin can be seen to remove it with a pair of pliers, however if the pin proves difficult to remove we do offer a watch bracelet removal tool which allows the pin to be gradually pushed out enough to get a pair of pliers on the other side and pull the pin through.

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2. Once removed, fitting the replacement watch strap is just a reversal of this procedure:

Ensuring that you connect the correct end of the strap to the watch*, push the notches of the watch strap into position on the watch head.

Insert the pin from one side so that it passes through the watch shoulders, the strap loops and the notches into which the watch strap fits.

Again gentle pressure maybe required to push the pin completely into place so that it is flush with the watch case. Repeat this with the other end of the watch strap.

*Usually the buckle end of the strap is attached to the watch head at the 12 o'clock position and the strap end with the holes is attached to at the 6 o'clock position

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3. Your new Swatch type watch strap is now fitted.