Swatch Watch Strap Measurement

There are two measurements which can be used to identify the width of a watch strap with a Swatch-style fitting. This is because Swatch watches use a notched fitting, which interlinks with notches on the watch case. The measurement usually used to identify the correct size (and the one we use) is the width across the notches at the end of the watch strap. This will be smaller than the measurement across the shoulders of the watch strap.

Measuring the Width of Your Swatch Watch Strap

As explained above the key measurement is that across the notches at the end of the watch strap, labelled 'X' in the image below:

a) 12mm notch-width watch straps are used on smaller ladies sized Swatch watches such as the Swatch Irony Ladies watches. We offer a range of replacement resin Swatch-style watch straps in 6 colours, as well as a Swatch stainless steel metal bracelet.

b) 16mm notch-width straps are a used on the extra-slim Swatch SKIN watches in the Skin Beat and Skin Chrono ranges, such as Swatch Tout-Au-Trait, Swatch Skin VIP, Swatch Thinsider and Swatch Panna Montana watches. These watch straps have a slimmer profile than the standard Swatch models. We offer a range of resin and leather watch straps in this size, such as these Alligator Grain, Calf and Leather watch straps.

c) 17mm notch-width watch straps are the most widely used size of fitting for Swatch watches. These are used on the Original Gents range, including models such as Swatch Once Again, Swatch Time in Blue and Swatch Red Days. Resin and leather watch straps amd metal bracelets for this size can be seen in our Swatch Watch Strap section.

d) 19mm notch-width watch straps are used on the larger sized Swatch watch ranges such as Irony Chrono and Jelly in Jelly. Models in this size include Swatch Wildly, Swatch Black Injection, Swatch Diaphane and the Jelly in Jelly model Propre. A range of resin, leather and metal watch straps for this size fitting can be seen in our Swatch Watch Strap section.

e) 21mm notch-width watch straps are used on the largest sized Swatch watches. We offer one genuine Swatch metal bracelet in this size, which can be seen here.

It is worth noting that the above notch measurements (X) usually correspond with the following shoulder widths (Y) for the strap:

Notch Width (X)
Shoulder Width (Y)

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