How to Replace a Watch Battery in Your Watch

So how do you replace a watch battery in your watch?

The instructions for changing a watch battery will depend on the type of watch you have. Click the links below to find help on the different steps in replacing a watch battery for different types of watches:

1. How do I open the watch case?
2. What is the correct battery for my watch?
3. How do I fit the battery?
4. How do I replace the watch case back?
5. Will my watch still be waterproof?
6. The digital display on my watch is not working.
7. My watch still won't go with the new battery.

Step by step instructions for:

8. Replacing a battery in a Snap Back watch case.
9. Replacing a battery in a Screw Back watch case.
10. Replacing a battery in a watch with screws in the watch back.
11. Replacing a battery in a Swatch watch.