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How do I replace the watch case back?

Before replacing the back of the watch first check that the watch is working, if it is then all is ready for you to replace the watch case back. When putting the watch case back on to the watch be careful not to loose or damage the rubber o-ring seal. This is important in keeping the watch water tight (see our Problems Help page).

To close a screw back watch case a) Closing a screw type watch back With a screw back simply place the back on to the watch case and twist the back clockwise to screw it back in place. Tighten carefully using a Screw Back watch opening tool or similar.

Screw held back watch closing instructions b) Closing a watch back held on with screws
With a back plate held on with screws, using a small screwdriver replace each screw and tighten gently so as not to strip the threads.

Snap back watch closing instructions c) Closing a snap back watch case
Click for instructions on closing a snap back watch case.