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Replacing an Open Ended Watch Strap

Used on Fixed Bar Watches

Some watches have fixed bars to which the watch strap connects, and in this case either an open-ended strap or thread through band is required.

(See our Help in fitting a thread-through watch band for help with a thread-through watch band.)

1. As the spring bars cannot be removed, in order to take the old watch strap off you may need to cut the strap off or prise it apart so that it can be removed. Once the old strap is removed, fitting the replacement open-ended watch strap is very straight forward.

Take the open ended watch strap and unfold the metal clips using a flat blade such as the snap back removal tool or a pen-knife blade. Once the clips are unfolded open up the end of the strap.

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2. Thread the end of the strap over the spring bar so that the top of the new strap is on the same side as the face of the watch. Make sure that you connect the correct end of the strap to the each side of the watch head.

Usually the buckle end is connected to the 12 o'clock side of the watch head and the strap end with the holes is connected to the 6 o'clock side of the watch.

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3. Once the strap is wrapped around the watch bar push the metal clips back through the open end of the strap and press the ends down towards each other so that the clip holds the strap end together.

For extra security you can add a little glue such as SuperGlue to the end of the strap before flattening down the clips. This will further ensure that the strap will stay in place, although you will not be able to remove it again without damaging the strap.

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4. Repeat for the other end of the strap. The watch strap is now fitted.
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