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How do I find correct battery for my watch?

Step 1: Find the battery code: In order to identify the correct replacement battery for your watch you will need to know the battery code. Sometimes this is printed on the back of the watch - as with some Timex watches - but in many cases you will need to open your watch case to see the code on the battery. The code can take various forms such as:

Once you know the battery code you can use this to identify the correct replacement battery on our site:

Step 2: Search site for battery: Simply type the battery code you have into the search box here and it will take you to a list of links to the correct equivalent battery.

Step 3: Don't have the original battery? If you no longer have the old battery for your watch and do not know the code for the battery you can still identify it by measuring the hole where the battery fits in the watch. Use our cross reference table here to sort by diameter or thickness to find the closest match to the dimensions you have measured. You can then click through to order the battery.

Watch Battery Cross Reference Table from Watch Battery (UK) Ltd
Watch Battery Cross
Reference Table

Step 4: Still not sure you have the right battery? If you are still not sure if you have identified the correct battery you can contact us using our Contact Us form.