WatchBattery (UK) Ltd - GW-M5610 Composite Bracelet

We are frequently asked if it is possible to replace the resin watch strap on the GW-M5610 with the composite bracelet from the GW-M5610BC. The answer is yes and below is an image sent to us by a customer from the US who has done this and sent back an image of the finished result:

Sean said "I was able to replace the bracelet with a spring bar tool. It was slightly more difficult than replacing regular watch straps because of the shape of where the lugs join the strap. Didnít take long to switch it out.

Now that itís on there, I couldnít be happier with it. The width is perfect, and the watch actually centers on my wrist better than with the resin strap."

The composite bracelet for the GW-B5600BC is also a suitable replacement and is more similar in style to the original resin watch strap.