How do I adjust the the metal bracelet on my Casio watch?

Instructions on how to adjust the metal bracelet of your new Casio G-shock or Wave Ceptor watch.

The Casio bracelet is held together with removable pins secured by a central metal ferrule. Arrows on the underside of each link show which links can be removed. If more than one link is to be removed then it is advisable to remove a link from each side of the bracelet so that the clasp remains central on the underside of the wrist when the watch is worn.

Tools required:
A thin pointy object - like a bradawl. Our Watch Bracelet Link removal tool is ideal.
Long nose pliers
A vice and material to cushion the bracelet.
A small craft hammer.

Make sure you work area is clear and place a sheet or other covering on the floor to catch any small bits that may 'ping' off as you work on the bracelet. Using a small vice to hold the bracelet when working is helpful if you haven't bought our Bracelet Link removal tool. Identify how many links you need to take out. Put the watch on your wrist and work out how many links need to come out. Usually 2 or 4 links will have to be removed.

Step 1 - Separating the clasp
Remove the spring bar from the clasp so that you have the bracelet separated. If you hold the clasp in your left hand it is the spring bar on the left side of the clasp. You can use the bradawl to push and compress the spring bar so that it can be slid out of its retaining hole and this will release the two parts of the clasp.You will notice two holes for this spring bar on the clasp giving you the opportunity to make a small adjustment to the bracelet length should you need it. Be careful that the spring bar does not ping across the room, as it is the only one you have and losing it will be an inconvenience.

Step 2 - Removing a link
Identify the link that needs to be removed and using a bradawl push the pin securing that link. Follow the direction of the arrows imprinted on the underside of the link. The pin should be pushed about 2 or 3 mm and then pulled from the other side using the pliers. This step is easier using the Bracelet Link removal tool! When the pin is pulled out completely it releases a small metal ferrule that sits in the central part of the joining link. This ferrule will fall out on to your worktop or the sheet that you carefully placed on the floor! You will need the ferrule later so don't lose it. Repeat the process on the other side of the link so that you now have removed one entire link and have two pins and two ferrules sitting safely to one side. Now you have a bit more confidence the next link will be easier. The second link should be taken from the other side of the bracelet. Repeat this process if more links need to be removed.

Step 3 - Connecting the bracelet together
The small ferrule needs to be put back into the central part of the link that you are joining back together. This time working in the opposite direction to the arrow on the link, push the pin back through the link to engage the ferrule. If necessary you can carefully tap the pin back into place with the hammer.

Step 4 - Reconnecting the Clasp
Reconnecting the clasp is a simple reversal of the disconnecting process. Try on the watch and it is a little loose or a little tight you can adjust the clasp by inserting the spring bar into the alternative set of holes. After the adjustment you will have spare links, pins and ferrules. These will be useful if you have bent a pin or lost a ferrule during the adjustment process.
Job done!
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