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Watch & Watch Strap Parts

Parts of a Watch and Watch Strap:

Buckles: Buckles come in a range of colour options. We stock a range of metal buckles in fitting widths from 8-24mm in gilt, chrome or black finish. We also stock a range of Deployment Clasps, which can be fitted in place of a buckle.

Watch Strap Loop (or Keeper): These are the movable loops on the watch strap that you tuck the long watch strap end into. We stock a range of resin black and white loops in sizes 16-30mm and a range of black or brown leather strap loops in sizes 10-24mm.

Watch Bezels: Some watches, particularly Casio watches, have a removable bezel. These can be replaced if damaged or worn. We stock a range of Casio watch bezels.

O-ring Case Seals: In amay watches, the back of the watch case is removable, to allow for battery replacement and repair. The case back has a gasket or seal, which helps to keep moisture out of the watch case so that the workings of the watch do not get damaged. Sometimes this seal becomes damaged or deteriorates over time and needs replacing. We stock a range of o-ring seals, which can be purchased by diameter and thickness. We also stock a range of gaskets for Casio watches.