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Genuine Branded and Compatible Swatch Watch Straps

A range of genuine Swatch watch straps and Swatch compatible watch straps.

Geniuine Swatch watch straps for watches such as Swatch Irony 'Smoothly White' (YSS267), 'Something New' (LB153), 'Mille Linie' (SFK140) and 'Blue Choco' (AGM415). Swatch compatible watch straps in resin (plastic), leather and metal for models in the Swatch Original, Chrono and Skin ranges.

Genuine Swatch watch straps from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Rsin, leather and metal watch straps with Swatch-style fittings from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd

If you cannot find the Swatch watch strap you are looking for please use our Contact Us form to let us know and we will try to obtain the part for you.