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How to Adjust a Watch Strap Fitted with a Security Clasp

1. The strap is supplied in two parts:

Leather Watch Strap with Security Clasp

A watch strap fitted with a security clasp arrives in two parts just as with a strap fitted with a buckle. Fit the strap to the watch; see our Replacing a Closed End Watch Strap instructions for more information on this.

2. Opening the securtiy clasp

Check Strap size

To open the secuirty clasp lift the loose bar as shown, then pinch the clips either side of the clasp to release it. The clasp will now unfold.

3. Opening the strap end grip clip.

Cutting the strap to the correct length

The unconnected end of the strap is connected to the clasp with a clip with a serated edge. To open the clip, insert the blade of a small screwdriver, or the end of our spring bar removal tool under the clip and lever the clip open as shown

4. Connecting the strap to the clasp.

Connecting the strap to the clasp

Push the unconnected strap end under the clip until it is as far into the clasp as it will go.

5. Checking the strap length.

Cutting the strap to the correct length

Before final fixing of the clasp it is necessary to check that the strap length is comfortable. To do this put the watch on to your wrist and close the clasp to see if the strap is at the correct length for comfortable wearing. If the strap is too long the it will need to be shortened.

6. Cutting the strap to the correct length.

Cutting the strap to the correct length

If the strap is too long it will need to be cut to the correct length. The inside of the part of the strap not connected to the security clasp is marked with lines. Using the lines as a guide cut away the unwanted length of strap with a sharp blade, such as a Stanley knife or leather cutting sissors.

7. Closing the grip clip.

Cutting the strap to the correct length

Once the strap has been cut to the correct length, then re-insert it into the security clasp under the grip clip and press the clip down firmly on to the strap to hold it securely in place.

8. Strap adjusted and fitted.

Strap adjusted and fitted

The strap is now fitted and ready to wear.


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