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Spring Bars, Watch Pins and Watch Strap Screw Sets from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd

Watch Spring Bars (Watch Pins) & Screw Sets for Watch Straps

Replacement watch spring bars (watch pins) for all types of watch strap and watch bracelet in a selection of thicknesses.

Straight and curved spring bars in a range of lengths from 8mm - 30mm. Expandable spring bars for use where the exact length is not known. Genuine Casio and Timex spring bar andscrew sets for specific watch models.

Spring bars for fitting watch straps and metal watch bracelets from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Expandable spring bars to fit a range of watch strap sizes from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Curved spring bars for shaped watch straps from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Spring bars and screw sets for Casio watch straps and metal bracelets from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Spring bars and screw sets for Timex watch straps from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd Replacement Casio watch bezels, Casio strap ends and watch strap clips from WatchBattery (UK) Ltd

For further information see our Help on Changing a Watch Strap or How to adjust a Casio Watch Bracelet.