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How to Replace a Buckle with a Deployment Clasp

Leather Watch Strap and Deployment Clasp

1. Remove the buckle from the leather watch strap

This is done by compressing the spring bar so that the outer part of the buckle can be twisted away from the strap. Sometimes the buckle will have a small hole on the outside so that the spring bar can be compressed by pushing in the end of a paper clip. If a hole is not visible then the spring bar needs to be compressed between the strap and the buckle. The spring bar removal tool is useful for this.

Leather Watch Strap and Removed Buckle

2. Replace the Buckle with the Deployment Clasp

This is a reverse of the buckle removal. Push the spring bar back through the end of the strap and put one end of the spring bar into the hole in the end of the deployment clasp, then using a spring bar removal tool or similar, compress the other end of the spring bar and push it into the hole in the other side of the deployment clasp.

Leather Watch Strap with one end of Deployment Clasp connected

3. Clip Buckle End to Deployment Base

Push the end of the deployment clasp fitted to the watch strap down on to the base of the deployment clasp so that it is held down.

Buckle End of Clasp Connected to Strap

4. Connect Hole-End of Strap to Deployment Clasp

This is done by opening the clip at the other end of the deployment clasp and pushing the end of the strap through the clip.

Hole End of Strap Connected to Deployment Clasp

5. Fit the Strap to the Correct Size

Push the stud on the clip through the correct hole on the strap to fit the strap comfortably to the wrist when closed and then press the clip shut.

Hole End of Strap Connected to Deployment Clasp

6. Final Fitting of the Strap

Turn the strap over and clip the newly connected part down onto the deployment clasp base and thread the strap through the strap retainers. Your deployment clasp is not fitted!

Watch Strap with Deployment Clasp Fitted

7. Opening and Closing the Deployment Clasp

The mechanism for opening and closing the deployment clasp depends on the type of clasp. If it is the type without switches then to open the clasp pull the end of the strap out of the strap retainers and pull it gently upwards so that the clasp unclips from the base and you can slide the watch and strap on and off your wrist. To close the clasp push it back down onto the base.
To open the deployment clasp with switches simply press in the sides of the deployment clasp and it will open. To close press in the sides, push the clasp shut and release the sides so that the clasp stays shut.