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How to Remove a Watch Battery Held with a Cover Clip

Step 1. In some watches (e.g. Casio WVA-430 and Casio G-100) the battery is held in place by a clip that goes across the battery and holds it in place. Types of clips can vary from watch to watch, but they will all have one end that can be released - as in this case by un-hooking it, or possibly by removing a small screw. Watch battery in a Casio WVA-430 watch
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Step 2. To open this type of clip you will need a small screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver blade into the small hole at one end of the clip.
Snap back watch case
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Step 3. Push the screwdriver away from the battery so that it lifts the end of the clip over the retainer. The clip will pop open.
Snap back watch case
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Step 4. You can now slide the battery out from underneath the clip, replace with the new battery and simply push the clip back down to close.
Snap back watch case
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