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4LR44 - GP 6V Alkaline Battery (GP 476A)

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4LR44 - GP 6V Alkaline Battery (GP 476A)

The GP 476A or 4LR44 is a quality alkaline 6 volt battery from GP that can be used in place of the more expensive lithium version, the 28L. As the battery number suggests, this is basically 4 x LR44 batteries together, with the resulting 4 times the voltage of a single LR44 (4 x 1.5 Volt). If you have an electronic anti-barking or training dog collar then the 4LR44 battery may provide an inexpensive alternative to the Duracell 28L lithium version.

GP 4LR44 battery specifications are:
Capacity: 100.0mAh
Current: 0.0002A
Diameter: 13.0mm
Height: 25.2mm
Voltage: 6V
Weight: 10.0g
Replaces: 4AG13, 544, A544, L1325,4034PX, 4NZ13, 544A, A544BP, BAT-001, KS28, L1325F, RFA-18, RFA-18-11, UL544A 6V, WC4LR44

Other manufacturer's codes for this battery are:
ANSI: 1414A, Bronica: ETR-S, Chromex: 4LR44,Duracell: 2CR1108, 2CR1108/281, PX28, PX28A, PX28AB, Energizer: A54464, Eveready: A544, Gold Peak: GP476, GP476A, GP: 4A76, Innotek: 544BP, 7H34, BAT001, L1325, L1325F, PX-28AB, PX28AB, UL544A, RFA18, RFA1811, UL544A 6V, V4032PX, WC4LR44, JIS: 4AG13, Kodak: K28A, Mallory: 7H34, Maxell: 4G13, NEDA: 1406LC, Panasonic: 4LR44, L1325, Petsafe: RFA-18, RadioShack: 23-544, UCAR: 476A, Varta: V34PX, V4034PX, Vinnic: 4LR44

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(Stock Code: BA-4LR44)

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