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Stock Code:- BRAN-AA2100MAXE

AA -Ansmann MaxE 2100mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries - Pack of 4

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AA -Ansmann MaxE 2100mAh Rechargeable AA Batteries - Pack of 4

A high specification AA pre-charged rechargeable battery from Ansmann. These Ansmann MaxE AA rechargeable batteries have a low self-discharge rate that means they are still ready to use even after a year of storage. Ideal for applications where you need power at irregular intervals without worrying about whether the battery still has charge left in it.

  • Pre-charged and ready to use right away
  • Recharge up to 1000 times
  • Very low self discharge, ready to use after 1 year storage
  • High capacity Ansmann AA, AAA and 9V batteries available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recharge with any consumer Ni-MH battery charger
  • Ideal for powering high drain devices such as digital cameras and Remote Control toys
  • Two year guarantee


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(Stock Code: BRAN-AA2100MAXE)