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Car & Motorcycle Battery Chargers -12V / 24 Volt Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Conditioners

Don't let your car or motorcycle battery let you down this winter. Keep it in top condition with a battery charger/conditioner. Particularly useful for motorcycles, caravans, golf trolleys, jet skis, sit-on mowers and childrens' toys.
Select the right battery charger or conditioner for your battery by checking the capacity of your battery. This is given in Amphours (Ah) then calculate 25% of this value or, in the case of caravan batteries, 10%. The conditioner selected should have an output less than the figure calculated.
So, for example, if your battery is a 12V battery with a capacity of 6 Amphours (6000mAh), the correct conditioner would be the 12V 1.5 Amp model as the maximum your battery could take would be 25% of 6 Amphours which is 1.5 Amphours.
If your battery is a caravan battery rated at 12V with a capacity of 125 Amphours, the correct conditioner would be the 12V 2.7 Amp model. The maximum current the battery could take would be 10% of 125 Amphours which is 12.5Amps, the nearest conditioner of the correct size would be the 2.7 Amp model.

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